Fundraising Programs

Maines offers a variety of easy and customizable fundraising programs for schools, religious groups, athletic teams and any other organization. You can choose to pick your fundraising products up at any of our locations in New York or Pennsylvania, or have them delivered right to you (with any applicable fees).

Our dedicated Fundraising Team will help you put together the most profitable program for your organization. Our team will work with you to find out your needs, time constraints and goals. We will even provide you with full color order sheets and brochures to make selling that much easier!

For more information on any of our programs, contact your local Maines Food & Party Warehouse or send an email to

Available Fundraising Programs

Hershey Candy Bar Fundraiser

Candy Bar fundraisers are easy, and our most popular program. Choose from a variety of top selling Hershey combinations. Simply purchase as many boxes of candy bars you would like your organization sell, and collect all of the profits. Maines Food & Party Warehouse is always stocked with boxes of candy, so there is no planning needed! Stop at any of our locations and you can purchase your fundraising candy right away, or call ahead and your candy will be ready for pick up.

Download your printable Hershey’s Order Form here


Jon Donaire Cheesecake Fundraiser

Jon Donaire™ is recognized as a global company with a homemade taste! We offer a variety of Jon Donaire high-quality cheesecakes packaged in beauitul full-color boxes, which continue to be a top seller year after year.

Download your printable Jon Donaire Cheesecake Order Form here


Sara Lee Pie Fundraiser

A great taste in fundraising! This is one of our newer programs and has been very successful for many organizations. Choose from a variety of 15 unbaked or pre-baked delicious pies by Sara Lee. With cream pies, chocolate flavors, and fruits, there is a flavor to satisfy everyone’s taste! Sara Lee Classic Restaurant Quality Frozen Pies are easy and convenient. Ready to go from the freezer to your oven!

Download your printable Sara Lee Pie Order Form here


Maines GiveBack Program

The Maines GiveBack Program is a free year-round fundraising program for any nonprofit organization, better yet, there’s no selling involved. With our Giveback rewards program, members of your organization raise money just by doing their regular shopping with Maines. Every 6 months, we send your organization a check – giving back 5% of your members cumulative spend.

Any time a member of your organization swipes their GiveBack card at checkout, those purchases will count towards your organization’s total spend. Every purchase you make, from meat to produce and everything in between, counts towards your rebate.



Fundraising Events

Let us help you plan your next fundraising event! Our team will work closely with you to ensure you have the right amount of product and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Whether you’re planning a Chicken BBQ or a Fish Fry, we have the the right products and sizes for your event or group. Our staff can even have your items ready for you to pick them up, so you can spend less time shopping, and more time planning or working at your event.

Fundraising Tips

Get the most out of your next fundraiser! Check out our list of fundraising tips here

Contact Us

You can speak with a Fundraising representative at your local Maines Food & Party Warehouse, or email us at


If you are requesting a donation from Maines Food & Party Warehouse for a benefit, please send us an email with all of your fundraising information. Please allow sufficient time for us to review your request. Please be aware that we receive many requests for fundraisers and benefits in the community, and we are not able to make a donation to all of them. All donation requests are handled by our Corporate Office.