September 2015: Maines Gives Back Over $45,000 to Local Non-Profits!

Raise Money While You Shop!

The Maines GiveBack Program is a free year-round fundraising program for any nonprofit organization, better yet, there’s no selling involved. With our Giveback rewards program, members of your organization raise money just by doing their regular shopping with Maines. Every 6 months, we send your organization a check – giving back 5% of your members cumulative spend.

Any time a member of your organization swipes their GiveBack card at checkout, those purchases will count towards your organization’s total spend. Every purchase you make, from meat to produce and everything in between, counts towards your rebate.


If you have 50 members shopping at Maines Food & Party Warehouse from your organization and they spend $100 a month, Maines would give back $1,500 to your organization twice a year! That’s $3,000 a year just for participants doing their normal grocery shopping at Maines Food & Party Warehouse.


How to Apply:

Step 1. Sign Up Your Organization

Requirements: 1. You must have a copy of a valid tax exempt form    2. You must provide a 501(c)(3) form from IRS   3. You must be a non-profit organization. 4. Must have at least $500 in cumulative purchases every 6 months by members in order to qualify for a return

You Organization can enroll in the Maines GiveBack Program through any of the following options:

1. Fill out our online application

2. Download & Print out the application. Then return to your local Maines Food & Party Warehouse

3. Visit your Nearest Maines Food & Party Warehouse to pick up an application


Step 2. Sign Up Your Members

After your organization has been approved for the Maines GiveBack program, each of your participating members will need to fill out a short Member Application. Members who complete the application will receive a MaineSaver GiveBack Card to start fundraising for your organization.

(Note: Your non-profit organization must be approved to be a part of the Maines GiveBack Program before members will be issued any GiveBack cards.)


Step 3. Earn Money for Your Organization

Show your MaineSaver GiveBack Card to the cashier when shopping with Maines, and earn money for your organization!


What some of our GiveBack Members are saying…

“We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Maines GiveBack Program… [The Maines GiveBack Check] helps our organization in many ways such as funding our school needs and community outreach programs. We thank you for your generosity and you can count on our continued business”

“Maines GiveBack Program is awesome. We had our parents sign up at the PTO meetings. They were then issued cards. They use their cards every time they shop at Maines and we use our card every time we need to purchase something for the school. Our last check was over $1000!!”

GiveBack Facts

  • We currently have 293 active GiveBack Organizations that earn money every day!
  • Some Organizations raised over $1,900 in just 6 months with our GiveBack Program!

Have Questions?
If you have additional questions about Fundraising or the Maines GiveBack Program, you can contact you local Maines Food & Party Warehouse store, or send an email to us at