Maines GiveBack Organization Online Application

Thank you for your interest in our fundraising programs! Please fill out the following online form to apply to our Maines GiveBack Program.

You may also pick up a paper application from any of our stores or download our printable GiveBack Brochure and Application to fill out and drop off at your local Maines Food & Party Warehouse stores.

All of the questions must be answered in order for your organization to apply to our Maines GiveBack Program. Please submit your Tax Exemption Certificate with your application. Applications are not completed until we have this information. You may upload your tax Exemption Certificate in the contact form below.

If you have any questions or need assistance filling out your application, you may contact your local Maines Food & Party Warehouse store or email us at [email protected].

Once your Organization’s application has been approved, each member will need to fill out their own Member Application so they can receive their Maines GiveBack Card.

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Planning a fundraising event? We can special order everything you need at no extra cost to you!

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