Cleaning Supplies

Maines Food & Party Warehouse has all of the cleaning supplies you need to keep your kitchen spotless. We carry both National and our Signature ProPower Brand of cleaning products for Bathrooms, Kitchens. Carpet and Floors, Hand Soaps and Sanitizers, and Laundry Detergents.


Restaurant Cleaning Supplies

Our Signature Brand, ProPower Chemicals, are designed for commercial use in high volume Restaurants, Health Care Facilities, Camps, Catering Facilities, Hotels, Schools and any other high volume or public locations. Products under the ProPower Brand are of a higher concentration than most National Branded retail products, which are watered down for Household use. The higher concentration makes our ProPower Chemical Products more cost effective to use. Learn more about ProPower here.

Looking for a specific cleaning solution?
We can help you with all your cleaning needs with products in 5 gallon commercial sizes, smaller retail sizes, and anything in between. All of our ProPower branded cleaning products are 100% money-back guaranteed to do the job the first time.