Looking for a 24 count case of lettuce or a single head? Maines Food & Party Warehouse has the perfect quantity to fit your needs — whether you’re shopping for a restaurant or for your home. Maines Food & Party Warehouse carries all the produce essentials, seasonal items and much more.

Produce Buyer

Farm Fresh Produce Delivery

Maines Produce brings in just-picked produce six days a week, multiple times a day, from the top growing regions. We have your best interest at heart and negotiate with our partner farms on your behalf. We work diligently to obtain the choicest produce at the lowest prices; and we pass on that value to you.

There’s no substitute for the taste of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Harvested at peak perfection, produce can be the star of an entrée or a standalone side dish. That’s why Maines Food & Party Warehouse ensures quality at every step: from initial seed to final shipping.

Seasonal Items and Local Produce

Pride of NY

We take great pride in stocking our stores with fresh products from local farms in our community during peaks seasonal times. Each of our

Maines Food & Party Warehouse stores support local farmers in New York and Pennsylvania so we can put the freshest produce on your plate. Look for our ‘Locally Grown’ signs throughout our produce department during peak harvesting months.
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Produce Resources
Click here for information on how to keep your produce fresher for longer.

Produce Case Pricing
With our produce case pricing, the more you buy, the more you save! We offer significant savings on most of our produce if you purchase an entire case. If you can’t find a case of what you are looking for on the shelf, ask one of our associates for help.

Markon & Produce Traceability
For the products our local farms cannot offer, Maines Food & Party Warehouse features Markon products. Markon ensures that their fruits, vegetables and herbs meet the highest quality standards from the time they are being grown to the time they arrive at our stores. Learn More