Keeping It KleenWe pride ourselves as being a provider of quality food products and services.  It gives us great satisfaction in knowing that we can provide you with the products and educational tools that will contribute to the well being of all of our customers and their families. According to the Public-Education Group Hygiene Council, 80% of the 76 million cases of food poisoning are believed to be caused at home. All of our employees have been trained by Keeping It Kleen on Food Safety to protect all of our customers, but there are certain things you can do in your home to prevent foodborne illness.

With the array of products we offer and our strong partnership with Keeping It Kleen, we have all of the tools and resources needed to keep you and your family safe. Here are a few resources to help keep you and your family safe.

Safe Grocery Shopping

Maines Food & Party Warehouse strives to follow all food safety practices to keep you and your family safe. There are certain things that you can do  to ensure the purchases you make stay free of food-borne illnesses. Learn more

Sanitizing Your Kitchen

Considering that most of the meals that you and your family will eat will be prepared at home, it’s incredibly important that you maintain sanitary conditions in your kitchen. By paying attention to basic sanitation practices, you can reduce the risk of spreading food borne illnesses. Learn more

Calibrate a Thermometer

Thermometers lose their accuracy overtime and  need to be calibrated. Learn how to calibrate your thermometer.

Cooking Meat

Always make sure your food is cooked to the minimum suggested cooking temperatures. Learn more

Cooling Hot Foods Safely

When you’re batch cooking or aren’t serving cooked food immediately, reduce the risk of food borne illness by cooling hot foods down quickly. Learn more

Thawing Frozen Foods Safely

Never thaw frozen foods at room temperature. There are a few easy and safe ways to thaw frozen foods. Learn more