Party Planning Tips

They key to planning any successful party is planning ahead. Here are a few tips from Maines Food & Party Warehouse to keep your party running smoothly and to help you avoid some common mistakes!

  1. Instead of slaving for hours in the kitchen, opt for festive finger foods that are easy for guests to munch on throughout the night.
  2. When estimating food and drinks, always round UP. More options mean smaller individual portions.
  3. Soft cheeses, cut up fruits, deli meats and dips should not sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours. The last thing you want to do is make your guests sick!
  4. Pretend that the party starts at least 30 minutes before it actually does so that everything is ready a little early. Then, take a few minutes to relax or do any of those last minute tasks that might have slipped your mind.
  5. If hors d´oeuvres are on your menu, plan on serving 2-4 per person.
  6. If you are serving food to children or a more mature group, be careful of dishes that are too heavy in spices.
  7. Add instant flair to your buffet table by elevating the heights of serving dishes, perhaps on tiered serving plates and chafing dishes. Cover small boxes or inverted baking pans with pretty fabric for an inexpensive and attractive display.
  8. Make things a little easier on yourself, and purchase some pre-made foods, such as party platters. Maines Food & Party Warehouse carries a wide variety of platters that are sure to please any guests. Call ahead and have your order ready to be picked up. View our Deli Party Platters